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Email: Sending an email to is the easiest way to reach us and obtain quote or indeed our full pricelist that covers everything if preferred.

Just state the item/s you're interested in, whereabouts we'd be delivering to, and the date of your event so we can check availability. This will enable to us provide a quote, or send you our full pricelist, without having to come back to you for more details.

Telephone: Mobile 07976 256 702 or landline 01283 792 974

Opening Times: Email enquiries - anytime, any day, and usually receive a reply within 2 hours
Phone Enquiries - Mon to Fri 10am - 6.30pm
Saturdays and Sundays - Email enquiries only

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  Tel: 07976 256 702 or 01283 792 974
Lichfield Inflatables
Rykneld Street, Alrewas, Lichfield, Staffs, DE13 7AX
Lichfield Inflatables and Entertainments